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Dreams Underfoot

Journeys in Deliria

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This is a private community for the Deliria game I'm currently running. It can be used to post your character's thoughts and ideas, carry on out-of-game conversation with other players, deal with events that might happen between game sessions, or just write stories, recount your character's dreams, or whatever else strikes your fancy.

Of course, those who are not players in the game, but are curious about it or just like the idea of reading random snippets from an evolving modern faerie tale are welcome to read it too, though you don't get to join and post unless you are actually a member. And this is primarily an in-person game, not an online one.

For anyone who may have come across this community and be unsure what Deliria is, it's a fabulous roleplaying game from Laughing Pan Productions, and the first game whose core book I'd recommend even to non-gamers because the ideas, stories and artwork are so amazing.