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Character Creation

For those of you who are creating new characters, here's some info about the game, plus a brief breakdown of the first few steps of Deliria character creation. The next I'm leaving out, because that's the one that deals with stats and what not, and that's easier to do in person. But these three you can easily do on your own:

About the Game

It's a modern-day, Toronto setting, and Deliria characters are generally ordinary people - not in the sense of dull, because they really shouldn't be that, but in the sense that they're not great heroes with superpowers or anything, they're basically people you might meet in daily life. They get drawn into extraordinary events - into contact with magic, and the faerie realm - but they aren't extraordinary people to start with.

I am willing to allow characters to have very minor supernatural qualities, but only if they're of a level where a skeptic could dismiss them as coincidental. So a pagan character could have some skill with magic or divination, but at the sort of level people tend to have those at in real life, as opposed to fantasy fiction. Or we've had things like a person with precognitive dreams, but who usually doesn't remember her dreams until after the thing she dreamed of comes true, an artist who can sometimes capture images of supernatural phenomena, but only with a crappy old polaroid camera, etc.

Step 1. Tell Me A Story

Write (or just think of) a brief story that shows your character and a glimpse of what s/he is like. Examples: Gwen, Ellen (the last of the three parts of Ellen's is the original "tell me a story" part - the middle section is step 2 and the top section is sort of an update).

Step 2. Tell Me Who You Are

Part One: Face Traits

The two "face traits" are Backstory, which is pretty self-explanatory - a bit about your character's background - and Portrait, which means not necessarily an actual picture, but a description, including not just physical appearance, but things like mannerisms, habits, style of speech, etc. - basically, what would someone's initial impression of this character be upon meeting him or her?

Part Two: Drive Traits

The "drive traits" are Passions, Obstacles and Secrets. Preferably more than one of each. The things that your character loves or is devoted to in some way, the things that challenge your character and make his/her life difficult, and the things s/he never tells anyone, or at least not anyone s/he doesn't really, really trust.

The above is everything you need to do up to the point of messing around with stats and character sheets, and it's enough to give you a playable character for your first session. Stats can be worked out afterwards.

There is, however, one final step which you usually do after the stats part, but which you're welcome to start thinking about now if you want:

Optional Extra Step: Three Wishes

What would your character wish for if s/he had them? This doesn't mean you'll necessarily have those granted in the game (though you never know), but it will help provide a sense of your character's hopes and aspirations.


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